Intellectual Property

Sunland law firm has maintained close cooperative relationship with innovative internet, enterprises of TMT (Technology, Media and Telecom) and risk investment institutions.

We provide forward-looking and practical solutions against the legal problems emerging from the grow-up of enterprise and legal risks encountering in different stage of development of enterprise from the startup teams to large enterprises.

Our attorneys, agents and experts in the Patent Group and Trademark Group help our clients in patent filing, trademark registration and enforcement issues all over the world. We provide localized solutions with international work ability.

We can use reward tools such as law, policy flexibly and give full play of IP assets value solutions so as to assist our clients in managing and exploiting IP portfolios and making systematic investment & financing, IP, disputes and company legal laws solutions.

We assist our clients to set up internal IP management team and meet the needs of the enterprise development inherently.
Our practice areas cover full range of global intellectual property matters, including:
◆Copyright, Domain names& Anti-Unfair competition
◆IP Disputes
◆Licensing &Technology Transactions

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