Sunland Law Firm selects interns from undergraduates and master graduates in law schools every year. Undergraduates who are in their final year of law school, or master students in a leading law school who have excellent academic credentials, and have an intention to pursue a career in law  after graduation, are invited to fill in our internship application form.  

Please e-mail the application form to []. The firm will assess the application forms of each individual, and selected candidates will be invited to attend an interview at the firm, which will also include a written test. After the interview, the firm will decide whether the candidate has a chance to intern here. There will be no more than 5 trainees in the firm at any given time, and the internship will last 1 to 3 months. During the internship, Sunland will appoint a lawyer or a partner of a firm and act as each trainee’s supervisor, who will lead and assist the trainee. Each intern will also receive an allowance during their internship here. 

After the internship, the firm will offer interns that have received positive feedback from the respective partners and lawyers who have supervised them during their internship, a traineeship position after their graduation from law school. 

Besides reviews from the lawyers and partners who act as the intern’s supervisor, the firm will also look for the following qualities from an intern:   
(1)  professional attitude;
(2)  Analytical ability;
(3)  Diligence;
(4)  Teamwork; and
(5)   Chinese and English fluency.
Application Process:
 1.  Please e-mail the application form to [],  and in the subject, state“application for internship”.
 2.  We will inform the selected applicants via telephone or email in regards to the specified time and date for the interview. 
Download the Application:


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