Merger Control Filings

Since August 1, 2008, MOFCOM /SAMR (the new antitrust agency) has cleared over 2,600 filings to date, out of which Sunland Law International Trade and Competition team has represented around 320 filings, In MOFCOM/SAMR’s 40 conditional approvals so far, Sunland Law International Trade and Competition team handled around half of the cases, including China’s first conditional approval case, Inbev’s acquisition of Amnheuser-Busch (2008)

In 2009, represented Coco-cola in its acquisition of Huiyuan case, which was one of the most complicated filings in China and involved political concerns.

In 2015, assisted Seagate in successfully obtaining approval by MOFCOM to lift its “hold separate” restriction, which was the first case where the “hold separate” conditions were completely released. Within the same year, represented NXP in its acquisition of Freescale, which was the first conditional approval of MOFCOM where the “upfront buyer” situation was involved in the divestment remedy.

In 2017, represented five of the seven cases that were conditionally approved by MOFCOM.

In 2018, represented the first conditional clearance by SAMR after the institutional reform in china. 

Recently, Ms. Feng and her team represented United Technologies in United Technologies/Rockwell Collins case, which was awarded “Merger Control Matter of the Year – Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa” at the GCR 9th Annual Awards Ceremony on March 26th, 2019. This is the second time that Sunland Law International Trade and Competition team has won this important award since our work on Seagate/Samsung case in 2011.

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