The IP division of Sunland law firm brings together patent attorneys having expertise in various fields, such as computer hardware and software, Internet, communications, material engineering, chemistry, mechanics, electromechanical engineering, and electronic circuit.Some of them are IP lawyers highly experienced in dealing with IP litigations and being able to provide high quality comprehensive IP-related services.

Our domestic patent group includes 16 patent attorneys, mainly skilled in the fields of communications, electromechanical engineering and electronic circuit. We have maintained close cooperative relationship with innovative internet, enterprises and risk investment institutions and work directly with clients’ engineers and programmers to ensure patent technology value with pragmatic and efficient way. From patent creating to managing and exploiting IP portfolios, we provide legal advice on all aspects of IP matters so as to assist clients in making systematic solutions.

Patent attorneys in our foreign-related patent group are highly experienced in providing patent agent services, and have practiced for more than 10 years in average. More than half of us are proficient in using two or more languages as our working languages, and keep close contact with foreign lawyers and patent agencies. We are not only competent in and good at handling services related to procurement of domestic and foreign patent rights, industrial design rights, trademark rights and IP litigations, but can also provide domestic and foreign clients with services such as patent strategic counseling, patentability analysis and evaluation of patents and technical specifications, and IP management.

Our legal services on patent law include:
•    Acquisition and maintenance of Patent rights in China and in foreign countries (such as Patents, Utility Models and Designs)
•    Patent in validation analysis  and  patent infringement  analysis
•    Patent infringement and validity disputes
•    Patent search and analysis (including patent analysis, prior art search, clearance search and technology information search analysis)
•    Patent portfolio creation and patent map
•    Patent asset value management and financing
•    High-tech company certification

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